(VIDEO) Live time with Traian: +/- One million. How many Moldovans are in the Republic of Moldova?

Have you ever wondered what is the exact number of the population of the Republic of Moldova? How many citizens have the right to vote or how often they go to the doctor? If not, our colleague Traian Stoianov tried to find it out. He asked several passers-by during the “Ora de Live cu Traian” Show on RLIVE.

I seems that people do not know exactly how many citizens our country has at the moment. Their opinions proved to be many and divided.

Moreover, some stated that since last year it began to decline.

“There were about three million and a half. But it seems to me that now there are about a million and a half left”. “Once there were about four million. But now it seems to me that there are about two million”, “I think there are about two millions ”.


Traian also asked about the persons who have the right to vote as citizens of the Republic of Moldova. This time the answers also varied a lot.

“I believe that people under the age of 18 have the right to vote”. “I think everyone should and have the right to vote, but not everyone does”. “I believe that about 70% of citizens go to the polls”.

Regarding the doctor visits,, it seems that some Moldovans do not focus on their own health. For justified reasons or less, they hesitate to go to the doctor for a routine check-up.

People say they step into doctors’ offices twice a year or more often, only when something bothers them.

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