(VIDEO) Sweet business in Leova. Young man Andrian Popa returned from abroad to become a beekeeper

Andrian Popa, from the village of Cazangic, Leova district, worked for many years abroad to buy his own home. He later returned home and set up a sweet business. He started modestly in 2017 and later turned to European funds to develop his business.

“I applied for the PARE 1+1 Program last year in March. My investment amounted to 360 thousand. I gave an advance to buy beehives, and I got 200 beehives for 428 thousand and 60 bee families. I think that the integration of the Republic of Moldova is welcome for us. I think there will be many advantages for export, import, exchange of goods,” said the young entrepreneur.

Andrian Popa’s story is part of the campaign launched by the REALITATEA Press Group: “Moldova Chooses Europe,” in which we tell about successful businesses launched in Moldova with financial support from the European Union.


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