We should be tolerant, patient and grateful for what we have

The war in Ukraine has created an unprecedented humanitarian crisis throughout the region. Under these circumstances, the Republic of Moldova assumed the responsibility of managing a huge influx of refugees.

Elena is a volunteer at a Temporary Refugee Center, who until recently worked, and continues to work as a professor at the State University of Moldova. She said the first influx of refugees was the hardest experience, since they were very frightened and a large number of them fled from the places that were attacked at night with bombs or rockets. “They were in a state of shock, they could not speak, they could not orient themselves, they did not know where they were, what their name was. This state of shock lasted for about three days, after which they began to recover. Emotionally, you have to be very strong to be able to work here and to help them. These children will be affected for life by this war, ”says Elena.

The volunteer said she is very happy that Moldovans reacted in this way, by being very
welcoming, open and tolerant. Many online groups have been set up, with which
volunteers collaborate, such as Moldova for Peace, Moldexpo center or town halls
with whom volunteers are in daily contact. “Last night we called for a rescue because a lady was hurt. The lady is in wheelchair and missing a leg. She is 67 years old and she is in the military. Also, all her life she took part in military actions… she lost her husband and two sons in the conflict in Donbas from 2016 and now she is in Moldova “, says the volunteer.

Elena believes that what we have is a blessing, our peace, our family, our home. She urges people to appreciate what they have and to have tolerance and a lot of patience. “We know nothing about the future, but we plan to return to the activities we had. Let there be peace. ”says Elena. We invite you to watch the video report at this link.

In the next period, we will present the stories of several people who did not stay
indifferent to this tragedy and showed solidarity with the Ukrainian people.
This campaign is aimed at increasing solidarity with refugees from Ukraine. It will describe subject of refugees, throughout the intervention chain, from the efforts of the authorities and volunteers to accommodation and the stories of refugees temporarily settled in our country.

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