At least seven companies would be ready to deliver natural gas to Moldova

At least seven companies are ready to deliver natural gas to Moldova, Infrastructure Minister Andrei Spinu told in a press conference. The minister’s remarks come in a context in which our country has not received any answer from Gazprom regarding the extension of the period for which the historical debt audit will be carried out, which was to be done until May 1st.

“Regardless of how Gazprom will act, we have provided solutions to ensure energy security. We have a plan. We have allocated 100 million euros from the EBRD for the supply of natural gas supplies. More than seven companies have applied and are ready to deliver gas to our country. At the moment, we have alternatives for the gas supply for May. We have 24 million cubic meters of natural gas stored in the transmission system of Romania and the Republic of Moldova “, said Andrei Spinu.

The Minister of Infrastructure also mentioned that for May, Moldova is provided with natural gas, and the tariffs for them will remain unchanged. From June, however, it is possible to adjust the rate according to the purchase price.

“We have 324 million cubic meters stored in the transport system of Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The need for our country, for May, is 45 million cubic meters. We are saving, Termoelectrica is working on fuel oil “, the Minister of Infrastructure specified.

The minister also said that based on preliminary calculations, there could be an increase in electricity tariffs for final consumers. “Most likely the tariff could be applied for May, but paid in June,” Spinu said.

In March, the Board of Directors of the National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE) examined and approved, in a public meeting, the regulated prices and tariffs for electricity. Thus, from April 1, household consumers connected to Premier Energy networks pay 2.17 lei/ kWh, the previous tariff being 1.51 lei for one kWh.


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