What is Moldova’s position in the global GDP ranking per citizen?

The Republic of Moldova ranks 97th out of 190 countries by GDP per capita index, according to a study by Global Finance titled “The world’s richest countries in 2024.” According to Bani.md, the study considers the GDP per capita at present prices.

According to the data presented in the study, Moldova’s GDP in dollars totaled $17.9 thousand for each inhabitant of the country. At the same time, at the top of the wealthiest economies are countries such as Luxembourg – $143.7 thousand per capita, Macao – $134.1 thousand, Ireland – $133.9 thousand, Singapore – $133.7 thousand, Qatar – $112.3 thousand, United Arab Emirates – $96.8 thousand, Switzerland – $91.9 thousand.

In the ranking, Romania, the neighboring country, ranked 53rd with an indicator of $43.2 thousand, while Ukraine ranked 110th with $15.5 thousand. Russia is in 60th place with an indicator of $38.3 thousand, and Bulgaria is in 62nd place with $35.9 thousand.


The study highlights the significant differences in GDP per capita between countries worldwide, reflecting economic variations and levels of development in different regions. The ranking is based on IMF data and includes fundamental indicators such as GDP and purchasing power parity.

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