Will Moldova be affected by the sunflower oil crisis? Slusari: Trans Oil will be granted a licence to import sunflower seeds from Ukraine

Trans Oil may be issued a licence by the authorities to import sunflower seeds, according to Alexandru Slusari. Farmers’ concerns about the potential impact of this purchase on national agriculture are growing in intensity, as reported by him.

The representative for farmers highlights that in 2023, Moldova harvested almost 750,000 tonnes of sunflowers, with sufficient stocks from the previous year. However, the country’s agricultural strategy is being questioned due to the significant imports from Ukraine, as stated by Slusari.

“In spring 2023, the Farmers’ Federation warned of the potential risks associated with imports from Ukraine, citing similar concerns raised by other Eastern European countries including Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Slovakia,” says Slusari.

The politician has accused the government of being worried about manipulative information appearing in some media that suggests farmers are against Ukraine.

” In September 2023, sunflower purchase prices hit a five-year low. Some small farmers, who are not VAT payers, were forced to sell their sunflowers for less than 5 lei per kg. The cost price of sunflower seeds last year averaged 7.3 lei,” adds Slusari.


In September 2023, sunflower purchase prices reached a five-year low, which particularly affected small farmers who were forced to sell their produce at low prices, according to BANI.MD. Meanwhile, Trans Oil’s oil production plants have not secured sufficient stocks and have instead relied heavily on imports from Ukraine.

According to the former president of the Farmers’ Force, farmers have suffered significant financial losses. This has resulted in a raw material crisis for the country, which will lead to higher prices for imported sunflowers. Furthermore, there is a risk that Romania may limit the export of cereals and oilseeds from Moldova due to significant imports.

“It is unclear whether the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture knowingly colluded with Trans Oil to cause the failure of the domestic sprouts market, or if it was simply a result of incompetence. However, it is clear that Minister Bolea should take responsibility for this situation and resign. If the concept of ‘honour’ still holds any meaning for him,” added Slusari.

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