Young people from Moldova go to study in Europe. See the main destinations

In pursuit of higher education opportunities, hundreds of young people from Moldova choose to study abroad each year, with the majority opting for European Union countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands.

According to the Ministry of Education, based on international treaties to which the Republic of Moldova is a party, as well as offers received from various countries around the world, young people from Moldova benefit from scholarships for studies abroad at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels, as well as for various training and research internships.

In addition, the following offers exist in EU member states under bilateral cooperation protocols:

  • Romania: Approximately 2,500 scholarships annually (according to the Collaboration Protocol)
  • Bulgaria: 130 scholarships
  • Poland: 5-10 scholarships annually and a series of research internships
  • Slovakia: 10-15 scholarships
  • Czech Republic: 10 scholarships
  • Hungary: 40 scholarships
  • Estonia: 10 scholarships

Furthermore, Moldovan youth can access a series of scholarships through programs offered by the governments of certain countries, such as the German Government (through the DAAD Program) and the French Government (through the Alliance Française).

In most cases, these scholarships involve short-term mobility (one semester or academic year) or research internships.


“At present, there are increased opportunities for short-term mobility under the Erasmus+ Program, Key Action 1 – Credit Mobility. Since 2015, universities in the Republic of Moldova have been eligible for this program, which offers short-term mobility (1-2 semesters). In recent years, the number of mobilities has been around 500 per year. In most cases, obtaining scholarships under international treaties or scholarship programs entails free tuition, a stipend, accommodation in student dormitories, and other social services provided to scholarship recipients by the host country,” said officials from the Ministry of Education.

According to statistics, in recent years, a large number of young people have independently pursued studies abroad, paying their own tuition fees. The main destination countries in this case are Italy, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Recently, applications for scholarships (academic mobilities) are submitted online, and the selection of candidates is carried out by the offering state (university).

Information about study opportunities abroad for young Moldovans is published annually on the Ministry’s website.

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