51% of public services for entrepreneurs have been digitized, Minister Alaiba claims

A rate of 51 percent of public services for entrepreneurs has been digitized. In total, seven state institutions out of the 43 have become fully digitized for entrepreneurs. The data was presented by the Ministry of Economic Development and Digitalization, as reported by MOLDPRES.

In the last three months, the Ministry of Economic Development and Digitalization (MDED), the National Archives Agency, the National Health Insurance Company, and the National Social Insurance House have become 100% digital for entrepreneurs.

“We continue the 100% digitization of public services. We focus on increasing their security, resilience, and quality. And, as a final point, we aim to achieve that goal – the ability to manage a business in the Republic of Moldova 100% remotely,” mentioned Deputy Prime Minister Dumitru Alaiba, Minister of Economic Development and Digitalization.

According to MDED data, out of the 259 digital services currently available, approximately 33% had no online requests in the year 2023.


“In this regard, we have set the goal of identifying and implementing effective strategies to increase the use of these underutilized services,” the institution specified.MDED aims to digitize 75% of public services by the end of 2024 and provide 100% of public services in digital format by 2030 as part of the Digital Transformation Strategy.

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