800 refugee children have been enrolled in kindergartens in Chisinau since the war began

Eight hundred refugee children have been enrolled in early childhood education institutions in the municipality of Chisinau since the start of the war in Ukraine. 316 of them attend daycare. Chisinau City Hall considers it extremely important to enroll refugee children in school and preschool educational institutions, thus ensuring their fundamental right to education.

“It is extremely important to identify places in early childhood education institutions in the city for all refugee children to attend kindergarten. Thus, we offer the little ones a favorable environment for their development, and we offer mothers the opportunity to engage in work. We know that most Ukrainian refugees who have found peace in Chisinau are mothers with children. We are glad that since the beginning of the war, more than 760 Ukrainian citizens, mostly women, have taken up work. This means that their little ones are safe at school or kindergarten”, says the deputy mayor of Chisinau, Angela Cutasevici.


In order to enroll refugee children in the kindergartens of the municipality of Chisinau, the parent or legal representative of the little one must identify the kindergarten closest to the place of residence and check the availability of places. Afterward, a kindergarten registration form is to be completed.

To facilitate the registration process of refugee children in kindergarten, Chisinau City Hall provides parents with a digital guide that provides all the relevant information for this process.

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