Anatolie Nosatii: Moldovan Defense Ministry will invest more in security

The Defense Ministry will invest more in security, including airspace surveillance systems. This was announced by Defense Minister Anatolii Nosatii, noting that this will be possible due to an increase in the National Army’s budget.

“Next year’s budget will amount to about two billion MDL, and it will be with a slight increase, almost to 0.6 GDP. This will make it possible to continue the projects launched and to develop others, which are aimed only for the benefit of citizens, for the development of the defense system to ensure peace and security in Moldova,” Nosatii said.


Also, the defense minister said that he and his colleagues made several visits to determine which security systems are needed, how many, and where they are best placed.

“This allowed us to have an advanced airspace surveillance architecture. It also allowed us to determine what the next radar we need should be. Now, the procurement companies are conducting an international auction,” concluded Nosatii.

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