Composer Eugen Doga celebrates his 86th birthday!

Composer Eugen Doga turns 86 today, March 1st. He was born on March 1, 1937, in the village of Mocra, Râbnița district. He graduated the “Ștefan Neaga” College of Music, and the “G. Musicescu” Conservatory.

He is the author of valuable works in the genre of pop, film, and theater music. He composed a symphony, the cantatas “Primăvara omenirii” (Spring of Mankind) and “Curcubeul Alb” (The White Rainbow). EugenDoga is also the creator of three ballets “Luceafărul”, “Venancia”, “Queen Margot”, the opera “Dialogues of Love”, more than 100 instrumental and choral works – symphonies, 6 quartets, “Requiem”, church music, and other, plus music for 13 plays, radio shows, more than 200 movies, more than 260 songs, and romances, more than 70 waltzes; He created compositions for children and the music for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games in 1980 in Moscow.

The composer was awarded the State Prize, the honorary title People’s Artist, the “Order of the Republic”, the “Star of Romania” order in the rank of commander, the “Faithful Service” order (Romania), the “Order for Merit to the Fatherland” and with the order “Alexandr Nevski” (Russia).

The composer is the author of the famous waltz “Gingașa și tandra mea fiară” (My Sweet and Tender Beast), designated by UNESCO as the fourth musical masterpiece of the last century.


In January 2014, the Salon “Eugen Doga” opened its doors. Thus, an older dream of the master to open a festive hall was realized.

Eugen Doga is the People’s Artist of the Republic of Moldova and the People’s Artist of the USSR. He is a laureate of the National Prize and the State Prize of the USSR, a knight of the Order of the Republic and other awards and honorary titles from the country and abroad, and a full member of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

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