Crisis in Moldovan Railways: Financial Struggles Impacting Employee Salaries

The State Enterprise “Calea Ferată din Moldova” is facing financial issues, leading to employees not receiving salaries for several months, as stated by CFM director Oleg Tofilat on Radio Moldova’s show “Zi de Zi.”

Tofilat explains that the enterprise sustains itself solely from its earnings, and the decrease in revenue has resulted in salary arrears.

The director mentions a recent decline in the enterprise’s budget income, attributing it to uncertainties in the railway system caused by the war in Ukraine, significantly reducing CFM’s earnings.


Tofilat emphasizes the enterprise’s dependency on demand fluctuations, noting improvements but anticipating challenges if demand drops. He highlights that salaries at CFM were doubled last year, with an average salary of around 8,000 lei. Previous salary issues were also mentioned, citing reduced freight traffic as a recurring challenge.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, railway transport handled approximately three million tons of goods in nine months, marking a three percent decline compared to the same period last year.

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