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The first visit of a French president in the last 24 years took place in Chisinau yesterday, June 15th. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, arrived in the Republic of Moldova being initially greeted at Chisinau International Airport by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Nicu Popescu.

Afterwards, he met president Maia Sandu at the state residence hall where the discussions between the two leaders took place. The Paris leader held Maia Sandu hand for a long time. The two exchanged glances and a few words, then Maia Sandu invited him to the building for discussions.

President, Maia Sandu, came with a message on a social network after meeting her French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, at the State Residence. 

“I am pleased to welcome President Emmanuel Macron to Chisinau as we work to strengthen Moldova’s cooperation with France. France is a long-term partner. We will discuss bilateral relations and Moldova’s application for EU membership, “said Maia Sandu.

After almost two hours of closed-door talks, Maia Sandu and Emmanuel Macron held an press conference, where they talked about the documents that had been signed during the visit, the reforms that had been worked on, bilateral relations, our country’s accession to the European Union and the creation of the European Political Community.

The Republic of Moldova will receive 40 million euros from the European Union to strengthen its defense and security of its territory. According to him, this money will double Moldova’s budget for strengthening its defense security.

Emmanuel Macron also announced during the conference the initiative to create the European Political Community. Maia Sandu supported this initiative. According to her, Moldova wants to be part of the organization, in order to later join the European Union.

The head of state mentioned that the Republic of Moldova relies on France’s support in the accession process. According to the head of state, the proposal of the leader from Paris to create an organization is not “an alternative” for our country’s accession to the European Union, but a complementary initiative that will help us in the process of European integration”.

After the official and formal meetings, the President of France and Maia Sandu organized a “promenade” on the pedestrian street in the center of the Capital, where they drank coffee at a French cafe and greeted the crowd.

After finishing his visit to our country, Macron wrote on his Facebook page: The people of the Republic of Moldova, the people of Chisinau: Thank you for the warm welcome. We will act to further strengthen the relationship between France and the European Union with the Republic of Moldova. We have a lot in common and a lot to do together! See you.

Emmanuel Macron paid a working visit to Moldova, after his meeting in Bucharest with Klaus Iohannis. From the Republic of Moldova, Macron left for Kyiv, where he also has planned meetings with the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenski.

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