Energy Stability on the Rise: Moldova Becomes Part of Europe’s Energy Security Platform

Minister of Energy Victor Parlicov announced that the situation in the energy sector is much more stable than it was half a year ago, during discussions with Kadri Simson, the European Commissioner for Energy.

“We are preparing for the next winter season. We are working in cooperation with colleagues from Ukraine and other countries. I am proud to say that today, the Republic of Moldova is not only asking for help but has become part of the European energy security platform. The experience accumulated in recent months by Energocom can be useful to other companies in the region. Energocom is the first company to use the North-South corridor, also known as the ‘vertical corridor’ Greece-Bulgaria-Romania-Moldova-Ukraine,” said Parlicov.

Kadri Simson was interested in the stages of transposing the EU’s acquis communautaire, mentioning that one of the expected outcomes is the separation of Moldovagaz, the gas transportation operator. The EU is ready to continue to help Moldova in reforming the energy sector.

“Another topic that I have insisted on is the reform of the Energy Efficiency Agency and the creation of a residential energy efficiency fund, with contributions from both the public and foreign donors. In this area, citizens can feel the reduction in bills by increasing energy efficiency,” Parlicov added.

The parties agreed to hold a high-level meeting on the energy between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova in Brussels in May.


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