EU Parliament – calls on the European Council to grant Moldova candidate status!

Most MEPs call on the European Council to grant Moldova and Ukraine the status of candidate countries. The resolution was voted by 529 deputies.

Thus, the MEPs reiterated that they support the European integration of the two states, according to Sigfried Mureșan. 42 parliamentarians were against the resolution, and 12 abstained.

“Citizens of Ukraine and Moldova deserve a European perspective. We call on the Council of the European Union to grant it “, says Mureșan.

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European leaders are meeting in Brussels on Thursday to decide on granting candidate status to Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia. The three countries submitted requests after Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

The European Commission recommended that the Council grant Ukraine and Moldova candidate status on June 17, and Charles Michel said on Thursday morning that he was convinced of a positive decision. Referring to Georgia, Europeans are urging the Tbilisi government to strengthen reforms.

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