Explore Moldova in a new way: Discover the Tighina Fortress

Moldova is a very beautiful country with a rich history. One of the pages of the history of our country is the Tighina fortresses of the Republic of Moldova.

Tighina Fortress is a 15th-century fortress on the right bank of the Dniester River in Bender. In 1538 it was conquered by the Turkish sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, who ordered it to be rebuilt in stone and enlarged.

In November 2012, the Museum of Medieval Instruments of Torture was opened on the territory of the fortress. The exhibits of the museum are sham examples of torture instruments. The history of the creation of the museum began with the prison tower. It was believed among the population that revolutionaries were once kept in this tower, but in fact, they were never kept here.

Dimitrie Cantemir wrote in “Description of Moldova”: “Tighina called by the Turks Bender, until recently a very fortified fortress, and now fortified by the Turks themselves with many works on the part of the Dniester River. In vain were all Turkish sieges, before determining her subjection conditions”.

Interesting facts:

  • The Bendery Fortress, together with Old Orhei, represented Moldova in the book “100 most beautiful and amazing places in the USSR”, published by the Eksmo publishing house in 2010.
  • In honor of the fortress in the 1980s, was named the light beer of the Bendery brewery “Old Fortress”, which is still produced today.


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