Oleg Braga: The state should not appear in the economy as a player but as an arbiter

The actual involvement of the state in the economy must be minimal. This is the opinion of Oleg Braga, with almost 30 years of experience in the field of financial management, who for almost 20 years has been President of the State Examinations Commission, Faculty of Business & Administration within the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM).

According to Oleg Braga, the state should not appear as a player, but as a referee, who creates the rules of the game and ensures that they are respected exactly.

“Of course, there must be exceptions to this rule. And these belong to enterprises of strategic importance, which must remain the property of the state”, mentions the expert.

However, this does not mean that the state competes with economic agents.

“They are simply protecting their interests arising from national security. Otherwise, the economy must be liberalized to the maximum and develop according to the well-known rules of the market economy”.

In the opinion of the expert, the concession of state enterprises represents a successful alternative solution, an alternative to privatization.


“We have important state-owned enterprises, but they require modernization. In conditions where the possibilities of the state and of these enterprises are limited, the concession can be a solution. However, the state must offer concessions to the respective enterprises under conditions of maximum transparency – so that no one has any doubt that the identified solution is the most successful”, says Oleg Braga.

The state must ensure that the concession agreements are strictly observed.

“If these two basic conditions are respected, then, certainly, we will have only positive effects as a result of possible concessions”, concluded the businessman.

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