Government Establishes National Tourism Office to Boost Tourism Sector Development and Promotion

The Government has ordered the creation of the National Tourism Office, an autonomous body responsible for implementing policies and regulations formulated by the central authority in the field, namely the Ministry of Culture. The primary objectives of the National Tourism Office are to support tourism development, provide services and assistance to the sector, and undertake promotional and marketing activities to increase tourism revenues.

The Office’s mission is to coordinate and organize activities aimed at the development and promotion of both inbound and domestic tourism, following the strategies and programs approved by the government.

The main areas of activity for the National Tourism Office are as follows:

  1. Development and promotion of inbound and domestic tourism.
  2. Promotion of the country as a tourist destination internationally.
  3. Development of competitive and high-quality tourism products.
  4. Enhancing the entrepreneurial skills within the tourism sector.

To implement this project, financial expenses will be required to cover the salaries of the 25 staff members (estimated expenses of approximately 2.6 million lei). These costs will be covered by funds from development partners and donors, income generated by the Office’s services, funds received from the state budget, as well as other lawful sources.


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