He has traveled all over Moldova and now shows us how beautiful it is!

Valeriu Zaporojan is passionate about travel. He has so far managed to visit 33 countries, but in addition to international travel, Valeriu prefers to discover his homeland. He visited all the regions and districts of the country and assures us that Moldova is really beautiful, despite the tourism branch and the poorly developed infrastructure, writes diez.md.

The busiest time to travel around the country was during the pandemic. Valeriu has so far managed to visit 382 villages. Initially, he did not intend to travel all over the country, but the desire arose along the way.

“It simply came to our notice then. It appeared when we cycled across the country from north to south and from west to east. I arranged all the localities in maps.me, I saw that it looks beautiful and there are only a few districts and cities left. I thought you’d visit them all. I hope I can finish with the villages, there are about 1,150 left “, Valeriu tells us.

We know that we do not have the best roads and the branch of tourism does not enjoy a rapid evolution, but Valeriu assures us that Moldova is beautiful even in spite of these shortcomings.

“Yes, we don’t have infrastructure, we practically don’t have tourism, but we have many beautiful places. In particular, you can find them when you deviate from the national routes or go on foot and by bike. If it weren’t beautiful, I certainly wouldn’t visit so many places “, Valeriu also tells us.

And because, as we all know, images can say more than words, we invite you to discover the beauty of Moldova through the photos taken by Valeriu during his travels.

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