Headline: Historic Milestone for Moldova as EU Accession Negotiations Set to Begin

In a significant development for the Republic of Moldova, the European Council is poised to recommend the commencement of accession negotiations with the European Union, writes Radio Moldova. The announcement comes as the European summit unfolds in Brussels this week, with the Council recognizing Moldova’s substantial progress in meeting the criteria for EU candidacy.

The draft conclusions of the summit, made available to Radio Moldova, highlight the European Union’s readiness to support Moldova in its reform efforts. These reforms, crucial for the country’s path toward EU integration, include significant strides in areas such as the rule of law, justice, and fundamental rights, particularly the protection of minority rights.

Chisinau has received counsel to persist in its judicial reform initiatives and intensify the fight against corruption, emphasizing the importance of a robust record of investigations and convictions, even at the highest levels of government.

The Council’s acknowledgment of Moldova’s efforts to enhance energy security and supply independence underscores the nation’s commitment to sustainable development. Recommendations include increasing energy generation capacity and bolstering measures related to renewable energy and energy efficiency, with support from the Moldova assistance package.

On the political front, the Council takes note of the peaceful and efficiently managed local elections on November 5, despite challenges posed by foreign interference and security-related restrictive measures. Looking ahead to future elections, Moldova is urged to ensure that measures against malign interference align with international standards.

As the European Council extends its commitment to supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Moldova within internationally recognized borders, the country stands on the cusp of a historic moment. The anticipated recommendation for accession negotiations marks a crucial step forward in Moldova’s aspirations to deepen its ties with the European Union.


The news also carries implications for neighboring Ukraine, as the draft conclusions recommend the initiation of accession negotiations with both Moldova and Ukraine, reflecting the consensus that these two nations are viewed in tandem.

While Moldova inches closer to EU negotiations, a lingering element of suspense remains with Hungary, whose leader, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, has consistently expressed nationalist and pro-Russian sentiments, potentially posing a challenge to the smooth progression of events.

As Moldova braces for this pivotal moment, the news resonates not only as a diplomatic milestone but also as a testament to the resilience and determination of a nation navigating complex geopolitical landscapes. The EU’s gesture of support and recognition of Moldova’s progress signal a positive trajectory for the country and its citizens. The formal recommendation is expected to be made during the European Council summit in Brussels on December 14-15, marking a historic chapter in Moldova’s journey toward European integration.

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