How many fruits and vegetables did Moldovan farmers export to the EU in half a year?

After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the EU increased the tax-free export quota of fruits and vegetables for Moldovan farmers, writes

Thus, for tomatoes the established quota was 2000 tons and was covered 100%, grapes 20 thousand tons and was covered in a proportion of 43%, garlic 220 tons – covered – 100%, apples 40 thousand tons – covered 77%, plums 15 thousand tons – covered 34%, grape juice 500 tons – covered 100%, cherries 1 500 tons – covered 89%.

Most fruit and vegetable exports were delivered to Romania – 47.1%, Italy – 13.8% and Germany – 9.1%.

In the first semester, the value of exports to the EU was 1.4 billion USD. For comparison in the CIS, 409.9 million USD were delivered.

The share of agricultural production exported to the EU was 49.5%, and industrial production – 50.5%.


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