How much do Moldovans earn abroad? Diaspora brings in almost 16% of GDP

Official statistics indicate that the Republic of Moldova has one of the most significant diasporas in the EU with the country’s resident population. There are currently 3 Moldovans resident in the country for everyone abroad.

According to official data, 972,958 Moldovans are living abroad, representing over one-third of the country’s population. It would appear that the largest numbers are in the Russian Federation – 294 thousand, Romania – 285.3 thousand, Italy – 194.4 thousand, Ukraine – 152.2 thousand and the USA – 45.7 thousand.

The World Bank says that Moldovans abroad sent $2.2 billion back to Moldova in 2022, which is 16% of the country’s GDP. It is important to exercise caution when interpreting statistical data, as the source notes. The term “remittances” is used by the World Bank to refer to the transfer of funds, whether in cash or kind, from abroad to Moldova. Additionally, the income earned by Moldovans working abroad on a short-term basis, such as seasonal workers, is included in this calculation.


After 2005, remittances jumped from $915 million to over $1.1 million. As time passes, the value of disbursements also increases, although there are notable exceptions. For instance, the 2008 economic crisis resulted in a sharp decline in remittances, from $1.8 billion in 2008 to $1.3 billion in 2009. The values in question tended to gravitate in this area until 2013 when they reached a new high of almost $2.1 billion. The ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic has led to a further decline in Moldova’s gross domestic product (GDP), from $1.9 billion in 2019 to $1.8 billion in 2020. The projected peak for 2021 is $2.1 billion. The following year, 2022, is expected to see a further decline, with the figure previously mentioned indicating a figure of $2 billion.

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