IBRD allocated 54.5 million dollars to Moldova to re-equip schools to energy efficiency standards

The 46 schools across Moldova are undergoing retrofitting to meet energy efficiency standards, thanks to financial backing from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The support totals $54.5 million, comprising a $4.5 million grant and the remainder as a loan.

The bulk of the funding, $35 million, will be allocated to renovating the 46 schools. Renovation efforts will encompass thermal insulation of walls and roofs, window and door replacements, upgrades to internal heating and lighting systems, and the installation of heat pumps, solar thermal collectors, and photovoltaic panels on school rooftops, where technically and economically viable.

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development will allocate $15 million for Chisinau’s centralized heating system modernization. It includes installing up to 250 individual heating points and reconfiguring heat supply networks.


The team will implement the project by 2029. Specifics regarding the loan repayment period, grace period, and interest rate will be determined later.

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