(VIDEO) Ambassador of Finland to Moldova about our country’s integration into the EU. What can we learn from the Finns?

The Republic of Moldova has made significant and swift strides towards joining the European Union. While other pivotal moments lie ahead, such as justice reform and the upcoming autumn referendum, the authorities in Chisinau must maintain this momentum. Leena Liukkonen, the Finnish ambassador to Moldova stationed in Bucharest, stated it during an exclusive interview with RLIVE TV.

“One important aspect is the rapid progress you’ve made transitioning from a markedly different society and country. You’ve enacted legislative changes and are now preparing for a referendum to potentially enshrine your European trajectory in the constitution. Therefore, I believe it’s crucial to continue along the same path you’ve been following.

In the European Union, collaboration is key. Our motto emphasizes that together, we are stronger, yet we retain our national identities. We uphold European values such as democracy, freedom, respect, and tolerance—qualities that are beneficial for the country and its people,” said the ambassador.

Finland still wants an active dialogue with Chisinau, says Leena Liukkonen.

“I worked my first experience as a diplomat in Moscow. Then I heard about Moldova and that you have good food and wine. Now, we want to continue our cooperation with the Republic of Moldova. I said let’s continue to exchange our experience, not advise. You know best what to do. But we can tell you about our experience,” she said.


Asked about Finland’s experience and the benefits of joining the big European family, the diplomat said.

“In autumn 1994, we conducted the accession referendum following the conclusion of negotiations, and subsequently, in 1995, we joined. During this referendum, citizens overwhelmingly affirmed their support for the country’s accession when asked. People were eager for change and envisioned a brighter future for themselves and their children.

Since our accession, Finland has diligently preserved its traditions and heritage, garnering increased interest from other nations. Moldova can anticipate a similar outcome as curiosity about its traditions and tourism opportunities grows.

Reflecting on Finland’s success, one of our key strengths lies in our emphasis on quality education. Families highly value education, and educators are esteemed. Becoming a teacher in Finland is no small task, requiring rigorous education and training. Engineering is the most common profession among Finnish men, highlighting our nation’s serious commitment to education. We believe learning should be enjoyable, with minimal emphasis on homework and a focus on fostering critical thinking skills,” Leena Liukkonen concludes with this insight.

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