Increased Possibilities to Import European Electricity into Ukraine and Moldova

ENTSO-E Continental Europe and Ukrenergo have announced an increase in technical capacity for importing electricity into Ukraine and Moldova. The increase means that the Ukraine-Moldova block can now import up to 1,050 MW of power capacity from Continental Europe, which is 200 MW more than the previously agreed amount. The announcement was made via NPC UKRENERGO’s page on a social network.

In the coming weeks, ENTSO-E will evaluate the power systems’ operation and consider the possibility of further increasing the transfer capacity between Continental Europe and Ukraine-Moldova in both directions.

This decision was approved during the plenary meeting of ENTSO-E Regional Group Continental Europe, held recently. It is important to note that the decision on the gradual expansion of opportunities for the export/import of electricity was approved by ENTSO-E in early June 2022, less than three months after the synchronization of the Ukrainian and European power systems. Since then, the available transfer capacity with the European power system has continued to gradually increase, reaching 850 MW.


The latest decision by ENTSO-E is a strong message of support for Ukraine, and it shows the continued solidarity of the European Union with the country. The decision also demonstrates the commitment of ENTSO-E to work towards the development of a stable and reliable energy market in the region.

This development will also be beneficial for Moldova, which will have increased access to imported electricity. This is particularly important for the country, which has been facing challenges in the energy sector due to the ongoing geopolitical tensions in the region.

The decision by ENTSO-E is a positive step towards the development of a stable and reliable energy market in the region, and it highlights the importance of international cooperation in addressing the energy challenges faced by countries in the region. The decision is also a testament to the strong partnership between Ukraine and the European Union, which will continue to work together toward the development of a secure and sustainable energy future.

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