The Municipality of Chișinău organizes the Urban Social Forum – 2023, the most important event dedicated to the social domain

Social Urban Forum 2023 organized by the Municipality of Chișinău is set to take place from May 4 to 6. The event is a platform for discussions that will involve international organizations, public authorities, local and international experts, non-governmental organizations, professional associations, companies providing social services, investors, and development partners, as well as any inhabitant of Chișinău who is socially involved and cares about the future of our city.

The event aims to bring together all stakeholders in the social sector to share knowledge and experiences, lessons learned, and best practices, and to discuss ideas, alternative public policies, and project proposals, including for the reintegration of Ukrainian refugees into the local community.

The goal is to adopt the best urban practices from Europe, consolidate experiences and efforts towards the development of the city, and transform it into an inclusive, safe, prosperous, creative, energy-efficient capital with equal opportunities for all, in line with the main purpose of the Sustainable Development Goals to “leave no one behind.”


Moreover, the event aims to establish a bridge between the municipality of Chișinău and its development partners, to encourage the implementation of social projects that benefit the local community.

The panels of the forum will focus on real issues and solutions in the social-urban field and will concentrate on seven topics addressed by specialists referring to the transformation of the city into a healthy, creative, safe, inclusive, learning, generational, and energy-efficient city.

Another essential component of the event is the Expo_Social exhibition, where relevant institutions, NGOs, and companies will present the social services they provide, displaying informative materials and digital solutions used to streamline their activity.

The Social Urban Forum is an event aimed at consolidating an ambitious vision of the Municipality of Chișinău and its partners who care about the future of the city and wish to exchange knowledge and discuss ideas that can contribute to relevant and necessary changes in the capital.

To learn timely details and register for the event, click HERE.

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