Investments in the development of road and transport infrastructure in Chisinau. A 2022 Retrospective

The development of road and transport infrastructure was the number one priority of Chisinau City Hall in 2022. Approximately 2.3 billion lei were spent on the rehabilitation of this sector, which is 60 percent more than in 2021, informs the municipality in a totalization report, according to IPN.

Most of the allocated resources were directed to the modernization of bus and trolleybus fleets. Similarly, new public transport units were purchased and assembled, the total amount of investments in this sector being 909 million lei.

According to the authorities, another record amount of 1.3 billion lei was also allocated for the rehabilitation of roads, and the remaining available financial sources were directed to the construction and capital repair of the streets.

At the same time, in 2022, the capital’s authorities allocated 179 million lei for the repair and modernization of streets, public lighting, and traffic lights.


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