Is the Chinese wave of COVID-19 to reach Moldova? Warning of the Ministry of Health

Moldovans are warned to be cautious if they plan to travel. The Ministry of Health launched the call, in the context of the wave of COVID-19 that haunts China.

To prevent risks, citizens are asked to take protective measures into account. In airports, in closed spaces, and in transport, hygiene rules must be respected, the distance must be kept and masks must be worn.

“If you have specific symptoms of COVID-19, contact your family doctor to be tested and treated. We also urge you to immunize yourself, vaccination being the most effective way to protect yourself from infection. Take care of your health and that of those around you!” points out the Ministry of Health from Chisinau.

The WHO (World Health Organization) announced in the last days of 2022 that it wants more information to assess the increase in the number of cases of COVID-19 in China. The number of infection cases increased thereafter the “zero COVID policy” was ended.


The wave of illness is huge, with some voices saying it is happening against the background of isolation and increased protection measures, which has made people more vulnerable to infections and viruses. Several European countries, Japan and the US have already introduced mandatory tests for Chinese arriving at their borders.

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