Is Gazprom closing the tap for Moldova? Gas volumes for November have not been reserved

On the third Monday of each month, capacity reservations are made for gas transportation. This month (October 17), Gazprom did not reserve additional capacities for November, fact that seems a bit odd. The State Secretary in the energy field Constantin Borosan however, said that there is the possibility to reserve these capacities daily, writes

The Republic of Moldova is threatened by the gas crisis, because the Russian giant Gazprom intends to stop the delivery of gas. Since October 1, it has reduced deliveries by 30%. The reason, Chisinau did not honor its obligations to audit the historical debt of 709 million USD.

Our country has stored 80 million cubic meters of methane in Romania, a quantity that would last for approximately 20 days. Gas can be transported through the Iași-Ungheni-Chisinau pipeline, which has already been operating since 2021.


The Republic of Moldova is 100% dependent on the Russian gas supplier Gazprom. For October, the purchase price is over one thousand USD per thousand cubic meters, and the tariff for domestic consumers was increased by 27.2%, to 29.26 lei per cubic meter. From October 1, the import price of gas is calculated according to a different formula. It is 70% the price of oil and 30% the spot price of methane.

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