Lavrov: Russia will protect the interests of ethnic minorities in Moldova

Moldova does not want a direct dialogue with Transnistria, betting on a solution to the conflict other than diplomatically, says Sergey Lavrov. The Russian Foreign Minister made the statement on Wednesday, during an educational marathon.

He refers to Tiraspol’s requests regarding the resumption of dialogue, informs At the same time, he accuses the government of being subservient to the EU and US dictatorship.

“Now, both the leadership of Transnistria and we opt for the resumption of direct dialogue. The leadership of Transnistria is ready for this and we appeal to Chisinau. But it seems that, judging by the public statements of President Sandu and his team, they do not want a direct dialogue, being under the dictatorship of the United States and the European Union, possibly relying on a non-diplomatic solution to the problem,” Lavrov said.


The head of Russian diplomacy noted that Moscow is monitoring the situation and offered assurances that Russia intends to protect the interests of the ethnic population of Moldova, both from Transnistria and Gagauzia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Reintegration Policy Office have not yet reacted to the Kremlin official’s statements.

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