Maia Sandu condemns the Russian attacks against Ukraine: They bring destruction and death

Maia Sandu condemns the attacks on Thursday morning against Ukraine. The President of the Republic of Moldova points out that they bring “destruction and death”.

The President of the Republic of Moldova qualifies the actions as “barbaric” and “unprovoked”. According to her, this is a crime, “which must not go unpunished”.

“While the world is enjoying the joy of the winter holidays, Russia continues bringing destruction and death to Ukraine. This morning, Russian military forces launched a new series of missile attacks on Ukraine – more than 100 missiles, according to early estimates. Explosions occurred in residential areas of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, and other cities, destroying buildings and cars parked nearby. The attacks continue even now, endangering the lives of people in the localities of the neighboring country. We strongly condemn these barbaric, unprovoked actions aimed at bringing destruction and death. Bombing cities with peaceful people and destroying the infrastructure that ensures their basic living conditions, in the dead of winter, is a crime that must not go unpunished,” Sandu declares.


On Thursday morning, more than 120 missiles were launched against Ukraine, according to Mihailo Podolyak. The Ukrainian capital was attacked again, sirens sounded throughout the country, and explosions were heard in several regions. The authorities in Kyiv specify the information about the victims.

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