Maia Sandu convened the Supreme Security Council. It will assess the energy security situation in the country

The Presidency of the Republic of Moldova has informed that the head of state, Maia Sandu, has convened a meeting of the Supreme Security Council (CSS) for today, October 24, starting at 6:00 p.m., writes

According to the press release, during the meeting, state representatives will assess the situation in the field of energy security in the country, and the press of the presidency will return with information about what was discussed during the day.

We remind you that Moldelectrica announced a state of alert on the electricity market of Moldova. Moldtelectrica asks consumers to save money. Otherwise, it will resort to disconnecting consumers in the fan.

Also, since October 11, Ukraine has stopped the export of electricity to the Republic of Moldova, as a result of the attacks on October 10, in several Ukrainian cities, including the capital Kyiv. As a result, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine stated that Ukraine stops exporting electricity due to Russian missile attacks on energy facilities.


We remind you that, on October 4, Gazprom announced that it reserves the right to stop the delivery of natural gas to Moldova if all the necessary payments are not made by October 20. On October 20, S.A. “Moldovagaz” fully transferred to SAP “Gazprom” the payment for natural gas supplied in September 2022 in the amount of 53.5 million dollars, as well as the 50% advance for the month of October in the amount of 27.4 million dollars USD.

According to Moldovagaz, in accordance with the contractual conditions with SAP “Gazprom”, for the month of October, the delivery to the Republic of Moldova of 250 million cubic meters of natural gas is currently planned, which represents 8.06 million cubic meters per day.

At the same time, according to the head of Moldovagaz, Vadim Ceban, the purchase price of natural gas supplied to the Republic of Moldova will be 1,031 US dollars for 1,000 cubic meters.

Starting from October 1, Moldovans will pay over 29.27 lei for a cubic meter of gas, including VAT, after ANRE approved the request of Moldovagaz with reference to the price increase.

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