Maia Sandu: “Let’s take on this national effort!”

The meeting of the National Commission for European Integration took place on Wednesday, July 13th. The entity, set up by the presidency in April, coordinates actions on European accession and the implementation of governance reforms.

Maia Sandu said after the project targets the efforts of the state, citizens and the business environment. According to her, all together they can strengthen the actions to achieve the integration goal.

“The Commission discussed the steps to be taken, but also the more active involvement of civil society, the business environment and other actors. The next steps are related to the conditionalities aimed at reforming the judiciary, fighting corruption, eliminating oligarchic influences, and reforming the public administration. We want to improve them in order to strengthen state institutions. We agreed on the steps to be taken by the institutions to meet the conditionalities, we established the mechanism for coordinating and reporting on progress. Carrying out these steps will allow the Republic of Moldova to move towards the accession agreement. We have no right to fail. Let’s take on this national effort, “Sandu said.

According to the presidential institution, during the meeting were discussed the steps that the authorities are to take in the context of granting the status of candidate country to the Republic of Moldova. It was offered to our country on June 23 at the EU summit.


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