Maia Sandu, on the Anniversary of the Foreign Investors Association: “We Will Make Moldova Even More Attractive for Investors”

The President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, emphasized that the government is working towards an open, free, digitalized, and business-friendly economy. Additionally, she spoke about the priorities of the authorities in Chisinau to convince major companies to invest in Moldova.

These topics were addressed at the 20th-anniversary celebration of the founding of the Foreign Investors Association in the Republic of Moldova. President Maia Sandu expressed her appreciation for the association’s contribution to the economic development of the country.

The head of state emphasized that the authorities’ priority is to combat corruption, reform the judiciary, and modernize public institutions to attract major companies. The education system is also undergoing reform to meet labor market demands.

“We will continue with deregulation and digitalization – processes that will be accompanied by labor market liberalization and capital market reform. Moreover, to make Moldova even more attractive for both old and new investors, we will promote investments in logistics and large infrastructure projects,” President Maia Sandu stated.

She also mentioned that Moldova has strengthened its connections with European countries, with approximately 60 percent of exports going to the European Union. The President further highlighted investments in infrastructure connecting Moldova to the European space and in the energy sector through the construction of power lines to the west, energy efficiency, and the development of renewable energy sources.

It is worth noting that the Foreign Investors Association in the Republic of Moldova brings together 26 companies from 15 countries, which have created over 23,000 jobs in the country. Since 2005, the association has been publishing the White Book, a document that provides concrete recommendations to improve the investment climate, attract and maintain investments in Moldova. The recommendations from the latest edition of the White Book, in 2021, were adopted by the government to a significant extent, already integrated into various public policies. This demonstrates the government’s receptiveness to ideas and initiatives from the business community.


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