Maia Sandu Suggests Potential Transnistrian Conflict Resolution if Ukraine Wins the War in France 24 Interview

A geopolitical opportunity for resolving the Transnistrian conflict would be when Ukraine wins the war against Russia. These statements belong to President Maia Sandu in an interview with France 24.

“We believe that when Ukraine wins the war, there could be a geopolitical opportunity to resolve the conflict, but the condition is to resolve it peacefully, and in the meantime, of course, we are working to prepare for this stage. It would be a political opportunity,” said Maia Sandu in the interview.

In the same context, when asked by the France 24 journalist about the topic of Moldova’s accession to NATO, the president noted that our country has had good cooperation with NATO since the early days of the war, especially in the defense sector. Furthermore, the head of state emphasized that according to the Constitution, the Republic of Moldova is a neutral state, and NATO membership should be decided by the citizens.


“We have good cooperation with NATO. It didn’t start yesterday; it started many years ago, and we value this cooperation. NATO helps us strengthen our ability to defend Moldova. At the same time, we have the provision of neutrality in the constitution, and most Moldovans still believe that the constitution should not be changed,” Maia Sandu mentioned.

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