Maia Sandu: The Valuable Role of the Bulgarian Community in Taraclia

President Maia Sandu was in Taraclia yesterday along with the Vice President of Bulgaria, Iliana Iotova, where they participated in the inauguration of the monument to the Bulgarian national hero, Vasil Levski, on the occasion of the Day of Bulgarian Enlighteners.

“The Bulgarian community in Taraclia is a valuable part of our country. Moldova’s European future also means the European future of the residents of Taraclia. The European Union means a community that provides opportunities, equality, and security for every member, for all minorities, and for all citizens. In the European family, the traditions of each ethnicity are embraced, cultural diversity is encouraged, and people live in harmony. That’s what we want for Moldova, that’s what we want for Taraclia,” emphasized the head of state.

The President also mentioned that important projects have been carried out in Taraclia alongside European countries – through the “European Village” program, 7 projects worth 24 million lei have been implemented, 26 kilometers of roads have been rehabilitated, the M3 Chișinău-Giurgiulești road has been renovated, and subsidies of 35 million lei have been provided for agriculture and rural development. Furthermore, the Chișinău government has approved an agreement between the governments of our countries regarding the transformation of the “Grigore Țamblac” State University in Taraclia into a branch of the “Anghel Kanchev” University in the Bulgarian city of Ruse.

“We thank Bulgaria for its support in various important projects in Taraclia and for the support given in our European journey. We are confident that the Bulgarian people will support us in this decisive period for the future of our country,” stated President Maia Sandu.


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