Messages in support of Moldova’s European future resounded today in the Chisinau legislature

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova is hosting today, 9 May, the joint visit of the chairpersons of the friendship groups from the parliaments of the Member States of the European Union. As a result, the friends of the Republic of Moldova from the parliaments of the Member States of the European Union celebrated Europe Day in the legislature in Chisinau, where they delivered strong messages of support for our country.

Numerous parliamentarians from EU countries, members of the Moldovan Parliament, and ambassadors of EU Member States discussed our country’s accession to the European Union and how parliamentary institutions from EU Member States can support our European future, sharing their experience. The discussion centered on the benefits and lessons of EU membership, emphasizing that our country’s rightful place is within the EU.

In his opening remarks, Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu underscored the pivotal role of the European Union as Moldova’s primary partner in fostering development and economic growth. He expressed gratitude for the EU’s support in implementing European standards domestically.

“For the first time in the last three decades, there is a sense of optimism about the future and a belief that the opportunity and responsibility to bring Moldova into the European Union is now at hand. Today, more than ever, we still need your strong and credible support for this choice. We have taken determined steps and will continue to work very seriously on this path.”

The European Commissioner for Budget and Administration, Johannes Hahn, reiterated that the EU will continue to support Moldova on its accession path.

“Citizens of the Republic of Moldova are part of the European family. The EU provides concrete support to the Republic of Moldova. The EU is the biggest supporter of the people. Since October 2021, Moldova has received over 1.2 billion euros in funding, with approximately 900 million euros going towards economic and investment projects. Furthermore, over 80 percent of Moldovan households have received assistance for their energy bills. The European Union has also made progress in increasing opportunities for Moldovan citizens. We reduced roaming taxes and aimed to eliminate them.”

Parliament Vice-President Doina Gherman noted that our country has transformed in the last three years. Moldova formulated its priorities and chose its European future. Moldova is now known as a small but brave country with hardworking and empathetic people, worthy of the big European family.

“We have many good friends, a courageous President who has brought our country out of international isolation and anonymity, a strong political will in Parliament, and a solid and competent Government. With these strengths, we are resolute in our commitment to the European path of Moldovans. We consider ourselves Europeans and firmly believe that Moldova’s place is in the EU.”

The Chairwoman of the Committee on Foreign Policy and European Integration, Ina Coseru, chaired the meeting and expressed gratitude to the EU countries for supporting Moldova’s modernization.


A group of 50 young ambassadors wants to promote the European Union in their communities.

During the day, officials will participate in the European Village in the Grand National Assembly Square. Afterward, the chairs of the friendship groups from the parliaments of the EU Member States will go to Ungheni, where they will get acquainted with several projects implemented with the support of the European Union.

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