Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Moldovan children who were stranded at customs between Belarus and Lithuania set off for home

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has announced that Moldovan children who were stranded at the border between Belarus and Lithuania are now on their way home. The Lithuanian authorities have granted the necessary authorization for the bus carrying the children to continue its journey.

“The ‘Rhapsody’ children’s choir group has safely completed their journey home. The Lithuanian authorities issued a travel permit for the bus carrying the choir, which was a missing document required for transit through Lithuania. The children and accompanying adults received all necessary assistance, including a hot lunch, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs guidelines,” Chisinau diplomacy transmits.

The Moldovan embassies in Vilnius and Minsk intervened after the issue was reported, according to the authority. Officials collaborated with the Lithuanian authorities to resolve the issue.

“We recommend verifying the validity of personal documents and carrier authorization before travelling, “MAE states.


A group of Moldovan students who were travelling to a festival in Belarus became stranded at the Lithuanian border overnight. Based on official information, the carrier did not possess the required documentation, resulting in the children spending the night on the bus.

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