Moldova Receives First Defense Donation Through EIP, Hungary Announces Support

Moldova has received its first donation of modern defense equipment for its defense system through the European Peace Facility (EPF), with a total value of 87 million euros. The announcement was made by President Maia Sandu during a press conference following the Summit of the European Political Community.

The President emphasized that the European Union is assisting Moldova in enhancing its defense capabilities and modernizing the National Army.

“Through the European Peace Facility, with a total value of 87 million euros, Moldova has received its first donation of modern defense equipment for the defense system. Additionally, Poland has announced a donation of six aircraft with state-of-the-art protective equipment, such as helmets, vests, and cutting-edge technology, to help the Ministry of Internal Affairs maintain public order and security,” said Maia Sandu.


The President also announced a donation for the defense sector from Hungary.

“In these days, Hungary has joined other donors to the NATO Trust Fund for Moldova with a contribution of 300,000 dollars. This fund will be used to strengthen our country’s defense capabilities. We are grateful to all countries that contribute to the peace and tranquility in the Republic of Moldova,” said the President.

In this context, Maia Sandu mentioned that during the summit, Moldova’s sky was protected from any danger by NATO’s air forces. “This is what it means to have friends, partners you can rely on and who won’t leave you in times of need. This is how we envision our future, one in which all children of Moldova are safe,” added the President.

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