Moldova to Align Tax System with EU Standards with ‘FISCALIS’ Program Ratification

The Republic of Moldova is set to align its tax system with European Union (EU) standards as the government approves the ratification of the Agreement between Moldova and the EU on the participation of Moldova in the EU program for fiscal cooperation, “FISCALIS”. The agreement will enable cooperation with the tax administrations of EU member states and contribute to the collection of taxes by combating tax fraud and evasion through efficient IT systems, exchange of best practices, and joint risk management.

The Minister of Finance, Veronica Sirețeanu, stated that the agreement will improve the functioning of the internal market, stimulate competitiveness, and ensure fair competition. Various actions aimed at strengthening IT capacities will be funded through the implementation of the agreement, including the development and operation of European electronic systems, according to the government’s press service.


The agreement was signed on February 7, 2023, in Brussels and provides support of €269 million. The State Fiscal Service will implement the agreement until 2027, and with this step, the tax system of the Republic of Moldova will align with EU standards.

The implementation of the agreement will bring many benefits to the country, including support in improving the functioning of the internal market, enhancing competitiveness, and ensuring fair competition. It will also help combat tax fraud and evasion, which will contribute to the collection of taxes and, in turn, the development of the country’s economy.

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