MoldovaGaz has no mercy! No payment – No gas

Moldovagaz announces that the amount of consumer debts for gas amounts to 71 million lei. These are individuals, economic agents, but also budgetary institutions. The arrears were accumulated between January and May, writes

Vadim Ceban has repeatedly called for bills to be paid to avoid disconnection from the natural gas network.

Earlier, Moldovagaz president Vadim Ceban said that from August 1, consumers who will have debts for natural gas will be able to be disconnected from the grid. On that date, the ban on suspension of services established by the decision of the Commission for Exceptional Situations of 24 June expires.

The Republic of Moldova is on the verge of a gas crisis, given that it failed to audit Moldovagaz by the end of May, and Gazprom is entitled to terminate the delivery contract. The authorities claim that, although they send requests to the Russian concern, it does not respond, and no gas disconnection has been announced.


Energy experts say Gazprom will resort to energy blackmail in the winter months, so the authorities must have several alternatives, including making gas reserves, for at least two winter months.

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