Moldovan athletes won eight medals at the shotokan karate world championship

Athletes from the Republic of Moldova won eight medals for the first time at the Shotokan Karate World Championship among seniors. They won one gold medal, four silver medals and three bronze medals. The competition took place in the Czech Republic, in the city of Karlovy Vary.
On the highest step of the awards podium climbed the athlete Vitalii Spânu, who this year also became the European champion. In addition to the gold medal in the individual kumite event (sanbon shobu, +80 kg), Vitalii Spînu also obtained two bronze medals in the individual kumite Open and individual kumite events (ippon shobu, +80 kg).

The other medals were won by the following sportsmen and women:

  • Anastasia Spînu – two silver medals;
  • Vasilii Dovzii – one silver and one bronze medal;
  • Daniel Mutelica – a silver medal.

Daniel Mutelica also won two silver medals in the youth events. Also, a gold, a silver and a bronze medal were won by the athlete Mihai Volontir at the youth trials. The gold was awarded in the individual kumite event (ippon shobu, 70 kg).


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