Moldovan tourism, “buried” by the war crisis. The number of foreign visitors has decreased

Tourism in the Republic of Moldova strongly feels the effects of the war. Reservations are canceled, the number of foreign visitors has dropped dramatically, and travel agencies are increasingly reluctant to organize vacations in the region, writes

“It simply came to our notice then. We participate in all events that are outside the country where wine tours in Moldova are promoted. Many were ready to come. Now they don’t want to, they’re afraid. Although the situation is relatively calm in the Republic of Moldova. We have no problems “, said on PROFIT NEWS TV, Valeriu Mihăluță, General Manager of the Chateau Vartely tourist complex in the Republic of Moldova, which can accommodate up to 36 people.

Before the outbreak of the war, about 50% of tourists visiting the Chateau Vartely complex were foreigners from countries such as Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, and even the United States. At the moment, most tourists are mostly Romanians, the number of foreigners being over 25% lower. And most of those who travel to the Republic of Moldova now go for professional interest rather than recreational purposes.

“About 70-80% we should have had an occupancy rate, but it dropped to below 40% due to the war. We only have reservations that are for teambuildings, seminars. We try to survive these events. Only those of professional interest come. They still visit us. Everyone is affected by this situation in the region. Travel agencies are also reserved for organizing visits to Moldova “, he adds.

The impact of the war will also be felt in the company’s turnover, which, although it has set quite large targets for this year, respectively an increase of 25% compared to 2021, it seems that, according to the general manager, they will not be possible.

“But at least 5-10% we hope to be able to grow. At the moment we are at the level of 2021. We have a small increase, based on the fact that January-February were better months. March and April were completely stopped due to the war “, states Valeriu Mihăluță.

In addition to tourism, the Chateau Vartely company also deals with the production and distribution of wine, of which 90% goes for export, in countries such as Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, China, Great Britain and the USA.

 “Our production today goes to over 25 countries. We have increased our investments in viticulture, we have increased our vineyards, our processing capacities. We want to continue to increase production capacity and sales volumes in the countries where we already operate. We also want to expand our presence in other EU markets, ”he added.

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