More than 200 employees of the GIES are involved in the elimination of the consequences of devastating rains in Moldova

About 200 employees of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (GIES) are involved in the aftermath of devastating downpours that covered the whole country on Tuesday evening.

According to the agency, the intervention of rescuers was needed in 13 settlements of Edinet, Falesti, Riscani, Balti, Glodeni, Soroca, Hincesti, Stefan-Vodskiy, Ialoveni, Oknitsa, Drochiev regions, as well as in the capital.

Employees of the GIES removed several fallen trees on local roads that blocked traffic in Edinet and other settlements and trees and branches that fell on cars.

Rescuers note that strong gusts of wind tore off the slate from the roofs of some houses and buildings. Most of the employees were involved in work in Edinet and Kupcini, where the wind uprooted the trees, blocking the main road arteries.


The GIES added that the situation is stabilizing, and traffic on the roads in Edinet has been restored.

At the same time, on Tuesday, several settlements in 9 districts in Moldova, including in Drokia, Dondyushan, Soroca, and Edinet districts, were left without electricity.

In addition, the rescuers cleared the road leading to the monastery “Nativity of the Lord” in Zabrichany.

According to operational data, by 06:00 am, in the settlements affected by the rain, rescuers completed more than 100 measures to eliminate the consequences of the hurricane.

More than 195 GIES employees with 49 units of special equipment continue to work in the north of the country.

There were no reports of casualties.

The material damage caused by bad weather will be determined later by the emergency commissions.

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