Artificially creating panic: Politician’s Office for Reintegration responded to Tiraspol’s statements about SSU recruitment

The Politician’s Office for Reintegration commented on Tiraspol’s statement that Ukrainian special services allegedly recruit residents of the Transnistrian region to spy on Russian troops.

“This is a deliberate tactic to deepen information censorship in the region and to foster panic among citizens, from the point of view of promoting the so-called abusive strategy of fighting extremism, under the covering of which the so-called power structures of Tiraspol persecute and illegally deprive citizens of their freedom,” the Bureau said in a statement.


The MFAEI has not yet commented on this issue. And when asked for a comment, it redirected to the Bureau of Reintegration Policy without going into details.

According to the self-proclaimed authorities in Tiraspol, the SBU allegedly forces Transnistrian residents who have relatives in Ukraine or those who import and export products to “render” certain services. If they refuse, they are supposedly threatened that officers may “visit their relatives” or that they may be banned from entering the neighboring country.

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