“The murder of Oleg Khorzhan is the first political murder in Moldova”: Mark Tkaciuk about the attempt to “hush up” what happened

The murder of Oleg Khorzhan is political. Mark Tkachuk puts forward three versions of what happened, saying that the Pridnestrovian opposition leader died from torture.

Mark Tkachuk, a member of the executive committee of the Collective Action – Civil Congress party, said this on the air of the Territory of Freedom program with Lilia Burakovsky on rlive.

“Three versions of what happened to Oleg Khorzhan are being considered in my circle: a robbery, a crime committed by the Transnistrian authorities, and a crime provocation under a false flag to discredit the Transnistrian authorities.”


The politician said that the authorities did not react as necessary to the murder of a citizen of the Republic of Moldova.

“A citizen of the Republic of Moldova was killed. Oleg Khorzhan did not have any other citizenship. Unfortunately, in the first days, no statements were made by the Prosecutor General’s Office, only the last few days. They would be important because, almost a week after the tragedy, we would have some supporting facts. This is the first political assassination in Moldova. The political reaction we see on both banks of the Dniester shows their desire during the week to silence the murder. It was developed exclusively by the efforts of some journalists, publications, and there was Mr. Popshoy’s initiative to hold hearings.”

According to Tkachuk, despite the difficulties of interaction with the Pridnestrovian side, there are still opportunities to investigate the murder.

“As soon as the murder occurred, the Moldovan prosecutor’s office had to immediately apply, by the Code of Criminal Procedure, to the Transnistrian side about the need to participate in the forensic medical examination. The Moldovan side does not have access to the scene of the crime, and the body of the deceased politician, but it was possible to interrogate witnesses. Only yesterday, we learned that interrogations were taking place. I speak so critically because for the first two or three days I did my best to be interrogated.”

Recall that the murder of Oleg Khorzhan took place on the night of July 16-17 in a private house in the village of Sukleya, where Khorzhan lived. The corpse was discovered by his wife on July 17 at 11:00.

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