National Agency for Energy Regulation on Growth explains Platts high quotations for petrol and diesel

Fuel prices reach record prices. For example, tomorrow, June 8, 2022, a liter of gasoline in Moldova will cost 32.59 lei, and one liter of diesel 29.30 lei. In this context, the National Agency for Energy Regulation comes with some explanations, mentioning that the increase in fuel prices is caused by the international Platts quotations for petrol and diesel.

“The National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE) notes an unprecedented increase in Platts quotations for gasoline and diesel, which in the last session reached a record level of about $ 1406 / ton for gasoline and $ 1343 / ton for diesel . ”

According to ANRE, in the last 14 days, the quotations have increased by 16% for gasoline and 23% for diesel, the increase representing about $ 196 / ton for gasoline and $ 251 / ton for diesel.

ANRE also states that in most countries of the world fuel prices have exploded, setting unprecedented records.

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“It is noteworthy that the situation at the international level caused by the military aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine creates unprecedented pressures on oil prices, which leads to record fuel prices in most countries of the world. A comparative analysis of prices in other European countries shows that in most cases, due to the mechanism of capping them and regulating the specific trade margin, the Republic of Moldova maintains a relatively lower level of prices “, it is shown in a press release of the Agency.

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