New Moldovan Identity Card: Streamlining and Modernizing Citizen Identification

A new type of identity document will be issued to Moldovan citizens. This pertains to the identity card, which will comply with European standards in the field. The provisions are outlined in a draft law presented for public consultation, as reported by IPN (Infotag News Agency).

According to the project, the holder of the identity card will be able to identify themselves based on it both within the country and in the states they can travel to under international agreements. Currently, citizens of the Republic of Moldova have the possibility to travel to Ukraine and Turkey with their identity cards. With the introduction of the identity card, which will incorporate biometric data of the holder, it will be possible to expand the list of states where citizens of the Republic of Moldova can benefit from the right to free movement based on this identity document.

The initiative proposes the exclusion of data related to the domicile and/or temporary residence of the holder from the content of all types of identity cards, identity documents, and residence permits. These data will be available in electronic format through interoperability mechanisms on the government’s “MConnect” platform between the State Population Register and the authorities, as well as by providing access to this data from the State Population Register to legal entities of public and private law.

The voter will present the identity document to the electoral office of the polling station for recording their presence at the vote and verifying their registration in the basic electoral list. The stamp confirming voting on election day will no longer be applied to the accompanying sheet or temporary identity card, as is currently the case.

Starting from the date of entry into force of the legislative amendments, identity cards, as well as all types of identity documents and residence permits, will be issued without the accompanying sheet that previously provided proof of domicile/temporary residence. Those already in circulation will be considered null and void by law, as the information regarding the new domicile/temporary residence address will be updated only in the State Population Register, without the corresponding annotations on previously issued accompanying sheets.

According to the project, all types of identity documents issued to citizens of the Republic of Moldova until the issuance of the first identity card – identity card, electronic identity card, temporary identity card – will remain valid according to their validity term unless situations arise where, according to legal provisions, they become invalid.


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