Online Verification of Electoral Details: Moldovan Voters Prepare for November 2023 Elections

Voters can verify the accuracy of the electoral lists and information about their polling station for the November 5, 2023, elections by visiting

The Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Moldova reminds voters of the option to verify the correctness of the electoral lists and polling station information where they will vote on November 5, 2023, through an online process.

The verification of the electoral list data can be done by accessing the page and following the appropriate steps. To check online which polling station they are assigned to, on the same page, under the section “Find out where to vote,” they should select their home address. This way, they will find the information about the polling station associated with their address.

According to electoral legislation, voters can contact the electoral office of the polling station corresponding to their domicile or residence, and with supporting documents, they can request their inclusion or exclusion from the list or the correction of errors in their own or others’ voter data.


Changes to the electoral lists can be requested at least 7 days before election day. The electoral office immediately communicates the requested changes to the registrars within the local public administration authorities, along with the supporting documents. The registrar verifies the information and makes the necessary entries in the State Register of Voters.

A voter can only be registered in one electoral list and at one polling station based on documents confirming their domicile within the territorial perimeter of that polling station. An individual with a valid domicile and residence (the registration term cannot be less than 3 months before the date of the first round of voting) is registered on the electoral list corresponding to the polling station within whose territorial radius they have their residence.

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