PM Recean Held Meetings in Davos with his counterpart Denkov and President Duda: Committed to Undertaking More Joint Projects

Prime Minister Dorin Recean met with his Bulgarian counterpart, Nikolai Denkov, and the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, in Davos. According to a press release, the officials discussed possibilities to strengthen and develop bilateral economic relations.

Prime Minister Dorin Recean and his Bulgarian counterpart, Nikolai Denkov, analyzed opportunities to enhance the bilateral relationship in economic and educational fields. Thus, the officials expressed hope that the extension of the “Anghel Kanchev” University in Ruse will be opened in the shortest possible time in Taraclia.

“The new higher education institution will be attractive not only for the Bulgarian ethnic community in southern Moldova but also for young people from the entire region,” noted Prime Minister Dorin Recean, inviting the head of the Bulgarian government to Chisinau on this occasion.

Additionally, Prime Minister Dorin Recean confirmed to his Bulgarian counterpart that the Republic of Moldova will continue its efforts to implement reforms and modernize the country based on the European model.


In Davos, Prime Minister Dorin Recean thanked the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, for supporting our country’s European path, as well as that of Ukraine, which heroically protects peace and security in the region. The officials discussed bilateral relations between the two countries and opportunities to strengthen them, considering that 81 Polish companies already invest in the Republic of Moldova.

“We aim to develop new Moldo-Polish economic ties. We are determined to carry out more joint projects for the benefit of citizens in both countries,” conveyed the Prime Minister.

The Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Poland have concluded 39 bilateral treaties. Poland is among the top 10 trading partners of the Republic of Moldova globally and ranks 14th among the main foreign investors in our country.

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